Sister’s Day – Part 9

Last weekend, we celebrated our ninth annual “Sister’s Day,” our version of “Gotcha Day” – the anniversary of Julia coming home from Russia.   The Friday and Saturday of Easter weekend may not seem the ideal time to do so, especially since Julia came home in May.  But it was the weekend we could get everyone together and with five jobs and four school schedules – necessary.

Within reason, the girls decide what we’re doing, and they choose a jaunt to Austin.  So many things to do!

 photo BB_zpssn4ae9px.jpg
(l-r) Julia in front of Rachel, Lois and Hannah who were (almost) 15, 12 and 10 when Julia (then 6) came home from Russia.  Bluebonnet pictures are required when driving Texas highways in the spring.  I am not a fan of LBJ, but I very much admire Lady Bird’s tireless efforts to beautify highways.  I’d vote for wild flowers over billboards every time.

 photo IMG_0934_zpssb4ceq1f.jpg

Thug life while visiting some of the shops on South Congress.   $30 for a baseball cap?  Mean mom didn’t think so.

 photo IMG_0938_zpsuf8rijrr.jpg

Love this mural on South Congress.  It’s fun just to watch the constant stream of interesting people pose for photos.  Disappointingly, I can’t say much good about the food trucks near South Congress.  The worst was Thai Crepes, where I literally spit my first bite back into the paper tray.  The best was Fry Cactus Navajo Fry Breads, which Keith and I liked well enough, but the girls gave it eight thumbs down.

 photo IMG_0952_zpsnmznl7c0.jpg

No spitting issue at Galaxy Cupcakes, which are the only cupcakes Keith will eat.   Everyone got to pick two.

 photo IMG_0954_zpspnxmrsn4.jpg

Lois’ long-time best friend Jamie attends nearby Southwestern, so she popped into Galaxy for a quick visit.  We met Jamie’s family our first month in San Antonio, when I had swung the girls through Wendy’s for one of our “picnic dinners,” a.k.a., Mom has worked all day, Dad is out of town and we’re eating in the park and throwing all this mess away here. 

 photo IMG_0940_zpsz65mvl3q.jpg

Rachel, Lois and Hannah love Book People, the largest independent book store in Texas.  I could spend days in there.  Everybody got to pick out one book.   Lois - “After The People Lights Have Gone Off,” which I want to read later.  Hannah – The Wizard of Oz – a surprising choice.   Rachel - Room, another I may want to read later.  Me – A Sniper in the Tower, which I am reading now and is excellent.  If we’re friends on Facebook, expect a review soon.  Julia chose not to select a book.  Sigh.  She reads under duress which causes me stress I must confess.

 photo IMG_0970_zpsgqlikjks.jpg

The girls really wanted to try In-N-Out Burger, so we did.   Very good!  A lot like Five Guys, but way less expensive.  They’ve built one in San Antonio very recently.  Seems like a lot of  little white cups but remember – fries are just a delivery device for ketchup.

 photo IMG_0957_zpsx6nsyx6v.jpg

We had to hit the outlet mall in Georgetown.  “Sale” is Hannah’s favorite four-letter word.

 photo IMG_0958_zpsqs7tv5bz.jpg

Outlet Mall Babes

 photo IMG_0943_zpsvtd44c86.jpg

And because the outlet mall didn’t provide enough shopping – the wonder that is Sam Moon.  Omigosh.   The girls had been here before, but I hadn’t.  Sensory overload.  Does it zip, flip or sparkle?  They’ve got it.  That place is insane. 

 photo IMG_1765_zps3xknvkbs.jpg

Far and away the favorite part of our trip – Puzzle Room Austin.  Kudos to Keith for finding something really fun and different to end our visit.  It’s a major, mentally-taxing hoot!   Our whole family loves puzzles – jigsaw, word games, Sudoku, you name it. So the Puzzle Room…..basically, a team of 10 players (though we had only nine – us, and a family of three plus a no-show) are locked in room and must solve a mystery within an hour to get out.  It’s not for small children, or the disabled – the space is small for 10 ambulatory people to move around in, and kids would not be helpful with clues involving classic comics, Morse code, time sequencing, etc.  Alas, we solved the mystery, but in an hour and 30 seconds.  Thirty miserable seconds too long.  About 30% of the teams successfully complete in an hour.  Wish we’d been among them, but….

 photo IMG_0967_zpsji6dlgr3.jpg

.…they’ll have a new puzzle in a few months, and I’m betting we’re back then. 

This sounds trite, but it really doesn’t seem like nine years since Julia came home.  It’s gone so fast.  It’s hard to recall life before her.  Rachel says that sometimes, she mentally paints Julia into memories from Houston, from which we moved a month before Julia was born.   Next year will be our “Big 10,” and the girls want to do something special.  We’ll see what presents itself.  The older I get, the more I believe that if you leave yourself open to possibilities – good or bad – they’re likely to happen.  I’m glad the original five of us left ourselves open to the possibility of a sixth, because a lot of good has come out of that addition.


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A-Wristed Development

I broke my left wrist November 3 and recently got the waterproof cast off.   I am (blessedly) right-handed, and hey, I could shower – but still not an experience I would recommend.

I discovered that Satan created many of our household items.

 photo bcdb0aff-08d8-4f1e-b001-3dd55de5c087_zpsebe5d3bf.jpg

Child-proof pill bottles are impossible to open one-handed.  Keith and the girls were good about opening them for me, but when I was alone one evening with a screaming bone, I admit to clamping this bottle in my mouth to open it.  Note the tooth mark-torn label.  Not my proudest moment.  Still can’t open them.  Doctor said it would be a few months before my hand strength was fully back.

 photo 9364a71e-35e4-45a4-8454-d5cd23bab12e_zps5d53f4e0.jpg

Zippers?  Straight from the bowels of hell.  Can’t be done, even if your fingers are semi-free.  Hurts too much to pull.  Ditto for back-hooking bras.  Pierced earrings?  Nope.  Rachel got me a small, cheap pair I just left in all the time.  I’ve been wearing pull-on pants to church – the thought of pantyhose makes my eyes cross.  Buttons…hahahahah.

Other toughies:  Pulling the driver’s side door closed.  Hanging or folding anything heavier than a T-shirt.  Cutting meat – really, cutting anything.  Ziplock bags – crazy talk, I know, but you have to hold a Ziplock bag to slide it open.  Opening cans.  Pulling the top off a Chapstick.  Typing.  Emptying the dishwasher one plate at a time.  Putting on a jacket.  Sleeping with my left arm propped up.

Shaving my right armpit was a day of joyous victory.  No photos, though.

I discovered a few helpful things, too.

 photo ab2a6383-1109-4770-a3b2-9ced1b114de1_zpsb4a3a3ff.jpg

Chacos!  When I realized I couldn’t tie shoes (I basically live in New Balance sneakers), Rachel suggested Chacos.  At first I scoffed.  I have lousy arches and was terrified of tripping again and further injuring my wrist.  I need arch support, darn it.  But Rachel insisted, and she was right.  These sports sandals were godsends.  With the toe strap and the slightly built-up arch, my feet were not “wobbly.”  Naturally, a sparkly pedicure or two was required since I couldn’t cut my own nails and my toes were always visible.  Chacos were the only shoes I wore until last week, when cold weather forced me to try tying shoes again.  These will replace Crocs as my go-to summer footwear, I’m sure. 

Other helpful items:  A wonderful husband.  Four daughters completing the Christmas decorating.  A good friend to help with all the preparatory dirt work of Thanksgiving.   A jar opener, assuming the jar was good in my armpit.  Learning to take Ibuprofen before it was needed.  And a Vadilia Chop Wizard.  My brilliant niece Sarah – who cooked most of our Thanksgiving dinner – has had one for years.  And it’s awesome, whether your wrist is broken, whole or somewhere in between.   Absolutely love it.

I’m looking forward to wearing a watch again, plus wearing my new wedding ring.  Keith and I bought new rings for our 25th anniversary in November.  They’re waiting patiently in the closet for the swelling to go down.

Finally – a parting word of advice from Hannah-the-Compassionate:  “Mom, I know it hurts.  So don’t do it again.”

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Birds Up for the Graduate!

In 1992, she walked around the coffee table.

In 1996, she walked into kindergarten.

This weekend, she walked the stage.

Rachel is now a college graduate.

 photo DSC_0043_zpsc353f796.jpg

The Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center hosted the Winter 2014 Commencement ceremonies for the 2014 graduates of the University of Texas at San Antonio.   Birds up (as seen in Rachel’s hand gesture)!  Luckily, our seats were close to students majoring in Education.

 photo 20141223RACHELGRADmomandgrad_zpsf3cc5db9.jpg

I found myself wishing about 1M times that my mom or Keith’s parents could have attended. 

 photo DSC_0053_zpsee16001a.jpg

It’s a San Antonio thang – mariachis conclude the ceremony.  Loved it!  Of course, I love living here.  And I love having a major university like UTSA nearby.

 photo DSC_0019_zps5f886be8.jpg

Yes, decorated caps are a thing.  Am I the only one who’d never heard of this?  With a hat tip to our family’s tie dye fetish, Rachel created this colorful message. 

 photo 20141223RachelGradeStole_zpscfbaf54b.jpg

Celebratory lunch at a favorite Mexican restaurant, where Rachel presented Keith her “Stole Of Gratitude.”   I’d never heard of it before but as Rachel explained on the hand-written card she affixed inside….

 photo 20141223RACHELGRADstole_zpsfdf79bd2.jpg

Lest anyone think my feelings were hurt because she didn’t award the stole to me – nope.  Keith has absolutely stood in her corner every step of the way, even when my frustration had me googling “medical records school.”  I’m grateful Rachel realized her father’s value in her educational journey.  I am not jealous.  I am thankful.

 photo DSC_0069_zps9a8b3c3f.jpg

My brilliant niece Sarah (far right) came in from Houston to help celebrate.  Apologies for Hannah’s wet hair – she had literally just come home from her job as a swim coach.   Hannah has finished her first semester at UTSA; Lois (far left) is at A&M, and Julia is in her last year of middle school.

Rachel has a few state certification tests to pass soon while substitute teaching.  Then – hopefully – a full-time job in the fall teaching middle school English/Social Studies.   (Having reared four middle schoolers, I believe her career choice qualifies her for sainthood.  I.  Could.  Not.  Do.  It.)

In between “Carol of the Bells” and “Away in a Manager,” I’ve been humming this snappy little tune:

From the hills of oak and cedar
To the Alamo
Voices raised will echo
As, in song, our praises flow
Hail Alma Mater!
Through the years our loyalty will grow
The University of Texas
San Antonio

You made it, Rachel!  Walk with your head held high!

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Ready or not, here we come….

….smack into the holidays, and me still in a cast for this broken wrist.  Sigh.  My dear friend Linda and Rachel helped prepare side dishes just before Thanksgiving, and my brilliant niece Sarah did most of the cooking on the big day.  Good thing, or it would have been mighty slim pickings around Casa Woodworth.  As it was – we feasted, and with four of America’s heroes from Lackland Air Force Base.

 photo DSC_0010_zpsed6712c7.jpg

(l-r) Avery from Michigan;   Jake from Arizona; Kyle from Oklahoma; Jimmy from California.  We love living in patriotic San Antonio with its Operation Home Cooking.

 photo DSC_0023_zps989cd6a7.jpg

Jake and were “twinning” with broken wrists.  We compared the joy of tying shoe laces, cutting meat, carrying more than one plate, etc.

 photo DSC_0014_zpsa94094d0.jpg

Some pre-dinner chess with Hannah, great nephew James and Rachel’s lizard Louis.

 photo DSC_0032_zps239944c9.jpg

Gotta check up on Facebook!  We’ve learned to tape our phone numbers around (as shown on the left monitor) so if a family needs to return a call, the guys know our numbers.

 photo DSC_0033_zps0692074e.jpg

The airmen generally “run out” the cordless phones.   We have three phone lines they can use, with a confusing array of instruments.  If you pick up the line and someone is talking, pick another line/device.

 photo DSC_0037_zps575f9de3.jpg

For a little more privacy – Julia’s room .  Jimmy’s uniform looks a little out-of-place with all the Vera Bradley and One Direction decor.

 photo DSC_0030_zpsa04c850e.jpg

A little boogie woogie for Kyle’s girlfriend on Skype (screen behind him)

 photo DSC_0044_zps96967302.jpg

Laura and James scarfed two of the four turkey legs.

Our much-loved Houston family left yesterday, so we’ve had time to clear away the remnants of Thanksgiving, and get the Christmas tree decorated.  Best of all – we got out our Christmas Fiestaware, and Keith surprised me with several new plates.  Be still my heart, I love Fiestaware.  And….truly…I just love fiestas in general!

Feliz Navidad, here we come!

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